1. The happy marriage is possible
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  1. Wedding Delay

     Nowadays many young people try to delay marriage and the causes are many: lack of a permanent work, lack of an adequate home, loss of the sense of personal commitment and the ability of dedication to another person, disbelief in love, utilitarian love decision and denial to accept new responsibilities and make life difficult.   

     This has led them to give up marriage and get "civil unions" with sexual relationships without marriage. The principal feature is the instability since they can interrupt coexistence at any time. In some cases they may want to marry in the future and consider this stage as a “training and test.”

  A) Write a response

 • About marriage, many young people want to


 • Some couples do not have a/an


 • Some young people have no ability of


 • There are those who renounce marriage and get


 • The principal feature of civil union is the


 • They consider civil union as a training and


 2. Pessimism

   There is another major cause for delaying marriage: the pessimism and the distrust in finding a happy marriage. People are afraid that love does not last and finish in divorce or separation. 

    The information that comes from television and magazines shows celebrity marriage break-ups and marriage separations statistics. In 2001 break-ups between spouses less than 25 years represented 40% of annual separations and in most cases this was decided in the first year of coexistence.    Nevertheless, it remains desirable the model of a happy and lasting marriage.

  B) Write a response

 • They do not marry because they feel

 • They distrust in finding a/an
 • They fear that their love finishes in
 • Television shows marriage break-ups of
 • In 2001 marriage break-ups between spouses less than 25 years reached
 • Marriage is still a/an  

  3. Thousands of happy marriages 

   The media emphasize the negative news but usually forget the normal and positive news. There are thousands of happy marriages and nobody talks about them. Likewise, there are millions of couples worldwide who show love, cuddle and affection. It is time that these facts become good news because society and especially the new generations need them.

    There are many happy marriages and this has to inspire optimism in many people. The marriage must have a solid foundation: the oblivion of oneself to make the other person happy, the giving up of many personal pleasures, and the daily effort to not fall into the routine, keeping the flame of love of the first day.

  C) Write a response

 • Happy marriages are
 • There are millions of couples who demonstrate
 • Happy marriages should be
 • Marriage must be founded on
 • In marriage, we must make the other person
 • We must always keep the

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