4. Elements of marriage

  1. Unit  

     The essential elements of the marriage are three: the unit, the indissolubility and the fertility. Human beings can freely decide to marry or not, but it is not in their hands change the meaning of marriage.

    The first two elements are expressed with a short and graphic phrase: "forever together."

    Marriage is the decision of a man and woman who live for each other, helping mutually with all that they are and have. Therefore, the spouses "are no longer two, but one flesh" (Matthew 19, 6).

    A man or a woman may only love partially to another person who is not her wife or his husband. True love is absolute and is not shared.

    The loyalty and faithfulness to the other is possible for all life, but difficulties can arise especially for those who do not have the supernatural help of the sacrament. The priest says at the wedding: "Christ gives you strength to be faithful to each other and have the responsibilities of marriage together."

(Painting El banquero y su esposa. REYMERSWAELE, Marinus van. Museo de Bellas Artes. Valenciennes)

  A. Choose one of the words

 • The elements are three: unity, indissolubility and

 • Together

 • A man and a woman live for

 • They are no longer two, but one

 • Love is absolute and does not admit

 • In the sacrament Christ gives us his

  2. Indissolubility y

   This element indicates that married love is perpetual; a lifelong commitment. Jesus said: "What God has joined together, no man put asunder" (Matthew 19, 6).

    Indissolubility is a requirement of absolute love otherwise it would not be love. This is born with eternal longing and does not support reply or remorse. A person does not truly dedicate if become engaged only because the situation is pleasant. In this case, the other person would be considered as an object that is taking or leaving with utilitarian mentality.

    The divorce introduces a deep and serious distortion in the married life. It is not the same to marry with the convictions that it is forever, than marry with the idea of "let's see if this works and if not then we will divorce". The expectation of a possible divorce that one spouse thinks that the sacrifice is in vain because the other spouse will not sacrifice.

    Matrimonial consent is an act of definitive dedication of all the spouses are, especially the own future.

(Painting Alegre compañía. HEMERSSEN, Jan Sanders van. Museo Staatliche. Kassel)

  B. Choose one of the words

 • Married love is for all

 • • What God has joined together, no

 • There is no good reason to be faithful as long as it is

 • We can not consider the other spouse as a/an

 • Great harm to marriage produces the

 • Marriage is a definitive act of

  3. Fertility 

   The third element of married love is the procreation and the education of children. The spouses have the great privilege to give human life. God has called them to a special participation of his love and fatherhood: he has made them cooperate freely with him in the transmission of life: "God blessed the humans by saying to them: 'Be fruitful, fill the earth and subdue it" (Genesis 1:28)

    It is sad to realize that sometimes it is not recognized the greatness of giving life and it is thought that the freedom of love is reduced. The matrimonial union is the appropriate place for a new birth because it is the most specific demonstration of the love of the spouses.

    In artificial insemination, the biological activity has been separated from the personal relationship of the spouses. It is a technified act; deprived of any interpersonal relationship. The same can be said of in vitro fertilization and other forms of artificial fertilization.

(Painting Retrato de un escolar. FETI, Dominice. Galería Gemalde. Dresden)

  C. Choose one of the words

 • When a couple has children is called

 • Giving Life is a great

 • The spouses cooperate in the transmission of

 • Be fruitful and multiply and fill the

 • The matrimonial union is the right place for a/an

 • Do not separate the biological activity from

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