Flying stars


   - Mum, mum, quickly, come to the window! –shouted Maria.

    - What happens?

    - Look. The garden is full of little flying stars!

    - How beautiful they are! –answered the mother.- But they are not stars, they are glow worm. It’s very common to see them in the night summer.

    – Are they dangerous? Do they bite? – questioned Maria.

    – They are absolutely harmless. – answered the mother.

    Maria went to the garden. After a while, she returned shouting:

    – Mum, mum! I catched a glow warm within this glass jar. I’m going to put it in my room and then it will iluminate it all the night.

    – Oh, poor glow worm! Do you seriously believe that it will illuminate you? Don’t you see that it has no light?

    – Because glow worm only have light in darkness– said Maria– Turn off the light and we see, now.

     The mother switched off the lights, but the glow worm didn’t give any light.    – Why didn’t it glow?– asked Maria.

    – Because it is sad and feels like a prisoner. What would you think if someone capture you?

    Maria understand that she must free the glow worm and opened the jar. She went to the window and opened the jar. The glow worm got away, leaving a trail of light.

    (Silvana Carnevali)

Instructions: Press one of the letters (a, b and c). The right answer will be in red.


1)  What did actually fly in the garden?

a)  Little lights

b)  Little stars

c)  Glow worms

2)  When could glow worms be seen?

a)  During Autumn nights

b)  During Summer nights

c)  During Winter nights

3) Where was the glow worm trapped?

a) In a glass jar

b) In a box

c) In a plastic bag

4) Why didn’t the glow worm light?

a) Because it only lights at daylight

b) Because it was sad and captured

c) Because it only glows with the lights on


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