The seed


   Once upon a time, a seed fell between some rocks and couldn’t go out.

    She was very sad and said:

    – I never become a plant, without earth, water or sun.

    A bird listened to the seed and went to tell it to Mother Earth.

    – The seed was trapped between the rocks and can’t go out.

    Then, Mother Earth called the Sun and the Rain. Together, they went to where the seed was trapped and said:

    Open your leafs

    To the Wind and the Sun.

    A stem will born

    a beautiful flower.

    The rain started to fall. The seed sunked in the fertile ground. It became stronger by the Rain and the Sun and started to germinate.

     Their leafs were like two little green eyes, wondered by the world. The stem grew and grew... Suddenly, a bud was born, and soon a flower: a circle with freckles, surrounded by yellow petals.

    That beautiful flower was a sunflower!

    (Isabel Freire de Matos)

Instructions: Press one of the letters (a, b and c). The right answer will be in red.


1) Where did the seed fall?

a) Between the leafs

b) In the road

c) Between the rocks


2) To whom did the bird go to see?

a) To Mother Earth

b) To the leafs

c) To Mother Seed

3) To whom did Mother Earth call?

a) To the Earth and the Sun

b) To the Sun and the Rain

c) To the Earth and the Rain


4) How did the seed become stronger?

a) With the Sun and the Wind

b) With the Water and the Wind

c) With the Water and the Sun




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