Somebody is watching you


     A man decided to enter in his neigbourg field and stole him wheat.

    – If I stole a little from each plot – he said to himself– nobody will be aware of it, but I’ll obtain a good amount of wheat.

    So he waited for a dark night, when the Moon was covered by clouds, and sneaked out from his house. He carried his youngest daughter with him.

    – Daughter– he whispered– you must keep watch and give warning if somebody watches me.

    The man entered in the first field to reap, but after a while the girl shouted:

    –Dad, somebody is watching you!

    The man looked around him, but he didn’t see no one, so he catched his stolen wheat and continued reaping in the second plot. Soon, his daughter shouted again:

    – Dad, somebody is watching you!

    The man stopped, looked around him but there is no one. He reaped more wheat and went to the next plot.

    Few minutes later, his daughter shouted:

    – Dad, somebody is watching you!

    Once again, the man stopped his work and looked everywhere, but he couldn’t see no one, so he reaped the wheat and went to the last plot.

    - Dad, somebody is watching you!– shouted the girl.

    The man stopped and looked around him. There is no one here.

    – Why the Hell you constantly said that somebody is watching me? I looked everywhere and there is no one here.

    –Dad– muttered the girl– somebody is watching you from above.               

(Traditional story)

Instructions: Press one of the letters (a, b and c). The right answer will be in red.


1) A man entered in his neighbour’s field for...

a) Make a joke

b) Stole his wheat

c) Met him here

2) To whom did he man carry with him?

a) His wife

b) His cousin

c) His youngest daughter

3) Did he steal the wheat?

a) No

b) Yes, all of it

c) Only a few

4) His daughter answered him that he was being seen by

a) The owner

b) The landlord

c) God



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