The vain little mouse


      Many years ago, a hard-working little mouse was sweeping her house’s hall when she found a coin.

       She didn’t know what to do with the money, but, after a while, she bought a bow to boast.

        She find herself so beautiful that she want to marry soon and find a fool who accept her as wife. One day, she was boasting in her window when a duck saw her and said:

      – Would you marry me?

      – Maybe, or maybe not. I want to ear your voice before accept.

      – Quack, quack– answered the duck.

      – Oh, no. Your voice is like a cricket!

      The same question was made to the pig.

    –Maybe, or maybe not. I want to ear your voice before accept.

    – Oink, oink!

    – Oh, no, no! Your grunts are very fierce.    

    A donkey arrived and, hearing his deep voice, the little mouse ignored him. Later, an smart cat arrived and, hearing his sweet, melodious voice, she looked at him and said:

    –Yes dear, I’ll marry with you.

    – My little mouse, if you want me as a husband first you must give me three kisses in my hat.

    She was frightened because she imagined his bad intentions. She jumped and her bond fell to the ground, and was picked up by the cat.  

     This story has a bad end: the little mouse was catched with a swipe, and only the bond still the cat’s table.

                    Classic tale.

Instructions: Press one of the letters (a, b and c). The right answer will be in red.


1) What did the little mouse find?  

a) A pearl necklace

b) A coin

c) A piece of food

2) What did the vain little mouse buy?

a) A bow

b) A necklace

c) A ring

3) How was the voice of the donkey? 

a) Soft

b) Deep

c) Shy

4) What did the cat say to the little mouse?

a) To sing

b) To give him a kiss

c) To give him three kisses in his hat


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