Clara and the alligator


   Clara entered in her grandma's room. The grandma was still sleeping.    –  Good morning, Grandma. – said Clara loudly.

    –  ¿Uuuuhhh? –groaned her grandma– What's happening?

    –  Nothing, all is OK.

    – Nothing? Are you sure? I’m glad to hear it. –said the gradma– You scared me.

    – Do you know, Grandma? Today is my birthday –said Clara.

    – Oh, it's true! Congratulations! I'll buy you a present later.

    – What will you gonna buy me?

    In her warmy bed, the grandma was feeling dozed again.

    - Well...I could buy you books...or a pullover... or... Well, what you prefer. But let me sleep now.

    - What I want is an alligator.

    - What!?

    The grandma sit in the bed, awake and completely horrified.

    - You can’t have an alligator in your home!

    - It is only a baby! It is small, so small...- said Clara. She separated her fingers to remark the size.

    - What will your parents say?

    - They won’t say a word, I’m sure- said Clara- The alligator will live in a big thank in my room and I’ll take care of it. It will be very easy. The boy from the shop told me that an alligator eats almost everything... Will you buy me one? Tell me, grandma, will you buy me one?

    The grandma thought about it for a minute. Then, she took refuge in the sheets.

    - Well, if this is what you want... But we’ll see what happens with your parents...

            María Puncel

Instructions: Press one of the letters (a, b and c). The right answer will be in red.


  1) How was the grandma when Clara arrived?

a) Asleep

b) Awake

c) With her eyes half-opened

2)  What did Clara say to her grandma?

a) It was her saint

b) It was her birthday

c) She was ill

3) What did Clara want?

a) A puppy

b) A cat

c) An alligator

4) What eats an alligator?

a) Everything

b) Chocolate

c) Sweets


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