The princes of the year


       It happened, many centuries ago, that a mighty king named three princes whose task was to travel around his kingdom. The names of the princes were Summer, Autumn and Winter.

    The king sent the prince Summer to visit his kingdom, but, few days after his arrival, the fountains and fountainheads dried up and heat and thirst menaced the lives of his kingdom’s citizens.

           Then, the king send the prince Autumn, who arrived with many fruits as presents. But, after a few days, the trees lost their leaves, the sky covered with grey stormy clouds and the wind lashed fields and villages.

       Finally, the prince Winter arrived to the kingdom. He was cold and majestic, and was surrounded by hundreds of vassals who hold his heavy ermine cape. The cold hearth of the prince freeze everything around him.

      Contemplating the sadness of his people, the king was compassionate and searched for a solution.

       In golden dreamed lands a princess called Spring lived. The king ordered her to come, and when she arrived to the kingdom the land was covered with flowers, the birds started to sing happily and builded their nests and the trees dressed their branches in green. A bright, gentle sun was in the sky, and, at night, the stars shined with an extraordinary brilliance.

        The king left his kingdom in the hands of the four princes, and they travelled around the kingdom in the following order: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

     Mª Jesús Ortega

Instructions: Press one of the letters (a, b and c). The right answer will be in red.


1) How are called the three princes?  

a) Summer, Autumn and Spring

b) January, February and March  

c) Summer, Autumn and Winter 

2) What happened to Summer?

a) The fountainheads dried up

b) Everybody felt very well

c) Everbody love him

3) What happened with Autumn?  

a) Everybody love him

b) Everybody felt very well

c) The trees lost their leafs

4) What happened with Winter?

a) Everybody love him

b) Everything around him was frozen

c) Everybody felt very well

5) Who fixed everything? 

a) The King

b) January

c) Spring


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