The wizard of Oz


       In a small farm in Kansas, while Dorothy was walking with her doggy Toto, a strong wind rose and carried them to the land of Oz.

        The Good Witch of the North told them that only the Wizard of Oz knew the way to return to their country. During their travel to the Emerald city of Oz they found a scarecrow who joined them.

       Later, a tin woodsman explained that he wanted to have a hearth to know what love is and joined the friends.

        Some time later, a coward lion confessed them that he needed courage to be the king of the jungle and also joined the group.

        The five friends followed the Golden Path in search of the Emerald City, where the Wizard lived. After a few days of walking and living many adventures, they arrived to the green Emerald Castle. Each of them told the Wizard what they want: a brain instead of sawdust, a heart to love and courage to be king.

        –With a condition: you must kill the Witch of the West.

       The Wicked Witch attacked the friends, but she bumped into a bucket of water– the only thing which can destroy her– and died.

        At the moment, the good Witch of the South appeared and give to each of them what they most desired. She also revealed a secret to Dorothy:

        –When you will be outside the Emerald City, you must clapp your heels three times and you will return to your country.

    And that’s the way it was.

        Classic tale

Instructions: Press one of the letters (a, b and c). The right answer will be in red.


1) To which country did the wind carry Dorothy?        

a) To Wonderland

b) To the land of Oz

c) To a magical country

2) Who was their first companion?   

a) A tin woodsman

b) The Witch

c) The Wizard of Oz

3) Where did the Wizard live?    

a) In the Enchanted City

b) In the Ruby City

c) In the Emerald City

4) Who must they kill?

a) The Wizard

b) The Witch of the West

c) Dorothy

5) With which thing did the Witch bump?  

a) With a bucket of water

b) With a stone

c) With a whirlind



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