The soldier made of lead


   Many years ago, when your grandparents were small, children played with little soldiers made of lead. One day, a box of little soldiers was given as a gift to a very naughty boy, who while opening it noticed that one soldier had only one leg.

    He did not waste even a minute to separate it away from his favorite toys.

    He went to the hallway, threw the soldier to a corner and went to sleep.

    He dreamt that the little soldier was hearing a mocking laughter coming from a semi open box, and because he was so brave, he went to see what it was. He opened it and a giant rag doll made him lose his balance, which made him fall on the street away from his beloved ballerina.

    He was lucky though, because he landed on a paper boat that was sailing towards the sea and passed through dangerous waters.

    He had to battle huge rats and fish, until one of them ate him.

    Soon enough he got out of the fish’s stomach, since by chance, a maid had gone to buy fish, and while she cleaned it, the soldier came out.

    She was about to throw him into the fire when the ballerina in love started to call out for help and cry so loud that the boy woke up.

    - What a nightmare! cried out the boy while rubbing his eyes. He ran to the hallway and found his toys as he had left them.

    But when he closed the door, something happened: the little soldier and the ballerina were together happily ever after.

    Classic tale  

Instructions: Press one of the letters (a, b and c). The right answer will be in red.


1) With what did children play many years ago?

a) The Goose game

b) With little lead soldiers

c) With little cars

2) Why did he throw the little soldier?

a) Because he did not like it

b) Because it was made out of wood

c) Because it had only one leg

3) Where did the little soldier go in the dream of the boy?

a) To a paper boat

b) To the sea

c) To a park

4) What happened in the end when the door closes?

a) The little soldier is alone

b) The ballerina is alone

c) The little soldier and the ballerina are together


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