The cricket and his friends


   A cricket lived inside a hole by the cave of a fox.

    All night he sang:

    - Cri, cri, cri! Cri, cri, cri!

    The fox could not sleep.

    - Could you shut up, silly? asked the fox.

    But the cricket continued to sing.

    Annoyed by now, the fox declared war on the cricket. He called all the animals with four legs.

    The cricket on his side called all fleas and mosquitos and told them:

    - Friends, the fox is declaring war on us.

    The cricket’s friends went into the fur of the foxes, the bears and the wolves. As they hid, they heard the fox tell his friends:

    - If we win the battle, I will carry my tail up. If we lose the battle, I will carry my tail down.

    The day of the battle came.

    The wasp came with all its strength and stung the fox under his tail. The fox felt a terrible pain and was not able to put his tail down.

    He tried to hold it in, but was not able to anymore, so he ran towards the river yelling:

    “To the river, my soldiers, that the cricket won the battle.”

    And from this moment on, the cricket was able to sing all night very happily.    

     Popular tale.

Instructions: Press one of the letters (a, b and c). The right answer will be in red.


1) Why couldn’t the fox fall asleep?

a) Because the cat was meowing

b) Because the cricket was singing

c) Because the dog was barking

2) The fox called the animals of…

a) Four paws

b) Two paws  

c) Six paws

3) What would the fox do if he won the battle? 

a) Celebrate it with the animals

b) Go around with his tail up

c) Go on vacation

4) Where did the wasp bite him?

a) On his tail

b) It did not bite him

c) Under his tail

5) Who won the battle?

a) The cricket

b) The fox

c) The wasp


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