Little red riding hood


   - Little Red Riding Hood! said her mom - your grandmother is sick; you must take her this basket full of food; but be careful, daughter, the forest is dangerous and you must hurry up.

    Since she is still very young and loves flowers and little animals, she wondered around and prepared a little bouquet until the sunset.

    The wolf, who was very sneaky, was interested in the little girl and, pretending to be good, he asked her where was she going?

    - I will go visit my grandmother, who is sick in bed.

    - Listen to me pretty girl, take this path in order to save time.

    The wolf, who knew the forest very well, indicated the longest path to her, so as for him to be able to arrive first through the shortest path. If you look into his eyes, you can see how mean and a cheater he really is.

    That beast ran, did not wait, and called the grandmother.

    - Who is it? Who is out there?

    - It is me, Little Red Riding Rood.

    - Come in, come in my child.

    The ferocious animal was in doubt for a moment; he only had one thought in mind:

    To eat the grandmother first and wait for the little girl in bed dressed as her grandmother.

    And so Little Red Riding Hood arrived, happier than ever before, to the door of her grandmother’s house.

    - Come in, my child, the door is open.

    Poor Little Red approached the bed and saw her grandmother in a very strange way.

    - What eyes and ears you have! And those teeth and eyebrows!

    - That’s it! I’m going to eat you as well!

    - It is not normal that she take this long - told Little Red’s mother to a lumberjack meanwhile.

    They ran and quickly saw the wolf sleeping with a full stomach.

    And so they carefully opened the stomach of the wolf with the ax of the lumberjack and saved Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother.

    Classic tale

Instructions: Press one of the letters (a, b and c). The right answer will be in red.


1) To who did Little Red Riding Hood had to take the basket?

a) To her mother

b) To the wolf

c) To her grandmother

2) Who did she meet along the way?

a) The wolf

b) Her grandmother

c) Her mother

3) Who ate the grandmother?

a) A tiger

b) A wolf

c) A lion

4) Who saved everyone?

a) The grandmother

b) Little Red Riding Hood

c) A lumberjack


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