The train station


   Ana lived close to the train station. That is why every Sunday she would go watch the trains pass by. Ana went with her grandfather, since both of them really liked trains. Ana and her grandfather arrived at around eleven in the morning and sat on a bench at the station.

    A couple of minutes after, the Express train passed by. This train had wagons with beds and bunk beds as well as a wagon with a cafeteria and restaurant.

    Some passengers got off at that station while others continued traveling.

    A little bit after, the whistle of a train from far away was heard. Ana and her grandfather knew that it was the Talgo train, that would stop for a moment there and continue its journey. The Talgo was similar to a worm, a very fast worm!

    At twelve o’clock the Intercity passed by. This was the train that Ana liked the most. It ran on the tracks at high speeds without hardly making any stops.

    Each half an hour, the trains from the outskirts passed by, which carried passengers from one town to the other. These trains had very few wagons and were the ones that Ana’s grandfather liked the most.

    When lunch time was near, Ana and her grandfather returned home, happy to have seen so many trains.

    Paloma Garcia

Instructions: press one of the letters (a, b and c). The right answer will be in red.


    1)  When did Ana go watch the trains?

a) Fridays

b) Mondays

c) Sundays


    2) Which train passed at twelve o’clock?

a) The Intercity

b) The Talgo

c) The Express

    3) What two things did the Express train have?

a) Bunk beds and little kitchens

b) Wagons with beds and bunk beds

c) Television and radio


    4) How often did the outskirt trains passed by?

a) Each hour

b) Each half an hour

c) Each two hours


    5) What did the Talgo train look like?

a) An earth worm

b) A slow worm

c) A very fast worm


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