White Tail


    White Tail was a little rabbit that moved its little tail non stop and made a noise that sounded like this:

    Siss-siss, siss-siss!

    When his parents hear this noise, they become really happy. They know their little son is nearby.

    But one day, the parents of White Tail did not hear the noise. The little rabbit had ran away from home. He loved to run around the forest.

    - Do not go into the forest alone - his parents told him everyday - because if the Mean Man comes with his riffle, he can kill you. He really likes White Tail meat.

    He arrived to the forest. He took advantage of an oak tree and began to dig a cave. In just a matter of time he heard a strange noise. He stopped digging. He straightened his hears. He listened attentively and thought to have heard these words:

    - I will hunt you, I will eat you!

    Scared to death, he jumped and ran straight home. His worried parents were waiting for him crying. White Tail told them about his adventure. They listened attentively and and in the end they bursted out laughing.

    - Son - said his father - what you heard did not say: “I will hunt you, I will eat you!” but instead: “Siss-siss, siss-siss!”

    White Tail got scared of his own shaky tail that could never stop shaking.

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Instructions: press one of the letters (a, b and c). The right answer will be in red.


1) What would the little rabbit could not stop moving?

a) His paws

b) His tail

c) His hears

2) By where did the little rabbit like to run? 

a) By the forest

b) By the river

c) By the meadow  

3) Who could have arrived with a riffle?

a) The ferocious wolf

b) The evil man

c) The Mean Man

4) What was it that the little rabbit actually heard?

a) I will hunt you! I will eat you!

b) Siss-siss, siss-siss!

c) Buzz-buzz, buzz-buzz!


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