The manger


   Grandma keeps in a little box the figures of the manger. Throughout the year, there are shepherds, sheep, horses, houses wrapped in green straw...the Child Jesus, Saint Joseph, the Virgin, the mule and the ox rest there.

    In December, the grandma puts in a corner of the house a crate over another, and another, and another ... she covers them with a green and red thick paper. Then, Grandma opens the box and takes out the green straw, the manger covered with dried grass. She takes out the Silver Star that will hang in the manger. But firstly she takes out the Child Jesus, Saint Joseph and the Virgin.

    Grandma cleans them carefully and put them into place. And beside them, there are the mule and the ox. Then she puts a shepherd with his sheep and a happy horse. Never mind that some figures have different size, what matters is that they are pretty...

    So, little by little, with great tact, very patient, the grandma organizes the manger. The boys sometimes help her. the big brother put the electric lights ... Then the time to remove the manger will come. Again the grandma will collect and keep the figures until next year.

     Venezuelan Christmas

Instructions: press one of the letters (a, b and c). The right answer will be in red.


1) What does the grandma keep in a box?

a) A toy

b) Some bells

c) The figures of the manger

2) What color is the thick paper? 

a) Blue and white

b) Green and red

c) Yellow and red

3) What is the first thing that grandma takes out? 

a) The bells

b) The mule and the ox

c) The Child Jesus, Saint Joseph and the Virgin

4) Who puts the electric lights?

a) The older brother

b) A cousin

c) The younger brother


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