The animals


   A mouse was resting at the foot of a tree.

    Suddenly a fruit fell off on his head.

    The mouse ran and found his friend the rabbit and said:

    - I was there, and a branch fell off over me, It almost killed me.

    The rabbit ran so scared, found the squirrel and said:

    -Over there, a moment ago, a tree has fallen off over the mouse!

    The squirrel ran, found the pig and said:

    -Don´t go around there, sparks are falling!

    The pig found the goat and said:

    -Run, run, an earthquake is happening around there!

    So, all the scared animals ran one after another as if they were crazy. They believed that the world was sinking.

     H. Almendros

Instructions: press one of the letters (a, b and c). The right answer will be in red.


1) Where was resting the mouse?

a) In the bed

b) In the burrow

c) At the foot of a tree

2) Who was the best friend of the mouse?

a) The rabbit

b) The squirrel

c) The pig

3) What did the animals think? 

a) That it was a joke

b) That the world was sinking

c) That nothing happened

4) Did the situation is as serious as the animals left in a hurry? 

a) Yes, it was an earthquake

b) Yes. There were sparks

c) No. a fruit had fallen off over the mouse



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