The frog and the snake


   The son of the frog jumped in the forest when he saw something new in the way. It was a long and slender animal, and its skin shone with all the colors of the rainbow.

    'Hello'-said the frog-Child. Why are you lying on the path?

    - I sunbathe-replied the other animal, twisting and unrolling. My name is snake- Child. And you?

    I am frog-child. Do you want to play with me?

    So they played all morning in the forest.

    Frog-child taught snake-child to jump and it taught snake-child to drag on the floor and climb trees.

    Then each one went home.

    -Look what I can do, Mom! Frog-Child cried, dragging on its belly.

    - Where did you learn to do that? Asked the mother.

    - Snake-Child taught me. We played in the forest this morning. It is my new friend.

    - Don't you know that the snake family is bad? Asked the mother. They have poison in their teeth. Be careful when you play with them! And I do not want to see you dragging on the floor. That is not right.

    And from that day, frog-Child and snake-Child never play together again. But they often sat alone in the sun,

    Each one remembered that unique friendship day.

    African tale.

Instructions: press one of the letters (a, b and c). The right answer will be in red


1) What did the son of the frog see in the forest?

a) A small and slender animal

b) A long and slender animal

c) A wide and not skinny animal

2) What did the frog-Child teach to the snake-child?

a) To Walk

b) To Run

c) To Jump

3) What did the snake-Child teach to the frog-child?

a) To walk on the ground and fly in the air

b) To drag on the ground and climb

c) To drag on the floor

4) What did the mother of the frog say?

a) That the snake family is bad

b) That the snake family is very nice

c) That the snake family is very unfriendly


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