The elephant


    Dumbo was a very funny and playful elephant. His trunk was a pearl-gray color, it was the most beautiful trunk that I ever seen before.

    But oh! His ears were so big that almost touched his knees.

    For that reason, the other elephants mocked. The taunts of his friends saddened him.

    One day his friend, the rat, encouraged him:

    Don't cry, you can use those ears to fly...

    - Why not? - The swallows cheeped.

    Dumbo got on the circus trapeze, he stretched his ears and let fly.

    What a blast! Dumbo is flying!

    Now the other elephants envied his big ears!

    A. Garriga   

Instructions: press one of the letters (a, b and c). The right answer will be in red.


1) How is Dumbo? 

a) Shy

b) Funny and playful

c) He has a strong character


2) How are the Dumbo ears?    

a) Small

b) Standard

c) Very big 


3) What was the best thing about having big ears? 

a) He could hear well

b) He could fly

c) All elephants loved his ears


4) Who was the friend who encouraged Dumbo?  

a) A little rat

b) A little deer

c) A little elephant


5) Where did Dumbo get on the first time he flew?

a) On A tree

b) On a swing

c) On a trapeze


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