The fountain

   After singing endlessly, we were thirsty.

    So we have entered the forest to look for a fountain.

    Luckily the woman knew where to look for it. We would never find it.

    It is small, it is hidden and a small fine stream of liquid flows from it.

    And it goes gliding smoothly until a stream.

    I know a fountain;

    No one would find it:

    It is hidden in the forest,

    At the foot of a holm oak.

    If you walk near the fountain

    It would call you;

    It called me,

    And I did not know it.

     F. Pujols

Instructions: Press one of the letters (a, b and c). The right answer will be in red


1) Who knew where the fountain was?

a) I

b) My friends

c) The woman


2) What flows from the fountain?

a) Anything flows

b) A small fine stream of liquid

c) Turbid Water


3) How does it glide until a stream?

a) Smoothly

b) Quickly

c) Abruptly


4) Where is the fountain that I know?

a) At the end of the forest

b) In my school

c) At the foot of a holm oak



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