The Little Bird

    The Little Bird

    A little bird was locked in its golden cage.

    The autumn came, and the bird saw the children playing and throwing each other the leaves.

    The winter came, and the children played with the snow.

    The spring came, and the children played with the flowers.

    The summer came, and the bird escaped to play with the sea.

    Valiente (7 years)

Instructions: Press one of the buttons with the letters a, b, c. Put the correct letter in red.

Objective Comprehension Test

1) How was the little bird in its cage?

a) Joyful

b) With the desire of escaping

c) Very happy

2) When did the children throw each other the leaves?

a) In autumn

b) In winter

c) In spring

3) In the winter, the children played:

a) Throwing each other the leaves

b) With the flowers

c) With the snow

4) The children played with the flowers in:

a) Spring

b) Summer

c) Autumn

5) The little bird escaped to play with the sea:

a) In spring

b) In summer

c) In autumn


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