The raisin rolls
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Instructions: In the comprehension test circle one of the following letters: a, b, c.


   Once a time, a father said to his son:

    – Please, be quick and bring me thirty stamps.

    And his mother added:

    – Go to the bakery and buy three raisin rolls.

    The boy run to the shop with the money in his hand.

    As the post office was near, he spent time in the street, playing with other children.

    Later, he went to the post office and bought three stamps.

    After that, he bougt thirty raisin rolls.

    When he arrived to his house, his father laughed of him:

    – Well, I put them in my letters.

    And his mother also laughed:

    They prepared a snack, and ate so many raisin rolls that they had stomach ache.    

             Úrsula Wolfel


1) Where did the son go quickly?

a) To the shop in the corner

b) To the hardware store

c) To the post office 

2) What did his mother say to him?   

a) To go to the butcher’s shop

b) To go to the bakery

c) To go to the fruit shop 

3) How many stamps did he buy? 

a) Four

b) Three

c) Thirty

4) How many raisin rolls did he buy?

a) Three

b) Ten

c) Thirty

5) What did happen to them to eat so many raisin rolls?

a) Stomach ache

b) Headache

c) Toothache

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