Hansel and Gretel
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Instructions: In the comprehension test circle one of the following letters: a, b, c.


   Hansel and Gretel were the children of a couple of very poor lumberjacks, who only ate hard bread, reason for which they wanted to abandon their children in the woods.

    That night, Hansel waited for everyone to fall asleep and, without making any noise, he got up, went out and filled his pockets with little stones.

    In the morning, they all went to the woods, however, Hansel, which was the last one walking, threw the little stones on the ground in order to be able to go back home by following the marked path.

    After a couple of days, the parents decided to abandon them once again, but this time Hansel did not have time to pick up little stones and so had to throw the crumbs of his bread crust.

    In the afternoon, when the children were not able to find their parents, they wanted to go back home, but it was impossible since the birds ate the bread crumbs.

    They got really scared, and full of fear they followed a little path that led them to a little house that was seen from far away.

    When they reached the house, they surprisingly realised that it was not like other houses, but it was instead made of cookies and candies.

    - How delicious! Yummy!

    All of a sudden, a strange old lady appeared by the door; her nose was long and pointy. She invited them in and promised them surprises.

    Once inside, the surprise was very sour, since the old lady was actually a witch that locked Hansel in a cage.

    - And you little girl, you will clean my house! - ordered the witch.

    The witch was preparing a stew with which she wanted to cook Hansel, and while she leaned forward to check if the stew was ready, Gretel pushed her inside.

    In the end, they were free again and…rich, since they found the witch’s treasure. This time around they were able to find the right path and went back home where their parents regretted what they had done.

    Classic tale


 1) What did the lumberjacks eat?

a) Hard bread

b) Soft bread

c) A cup of soup

2) Hansel filled up his pockets for the first time with…

a) Bread crumbs

b) Little rocks

c) Grains of wheat

3) Why was it impossible for them to go back home?

a) Because they did not have a compass

b) Because they had a little accident

c) Because the birds ate the bread crumbs

4) The house where they were at as made of what?

a) Of cookies and candy

b) Of wood

c) Of bricks and cement

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