The legend of the tea
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Instructions: In the comprehension test circle one of the following letters: a, b, c.


   That day, the emperor of China, Shen Mung, awaited an important visit. All of his servants of the palace were very busy preparing the rooms for the guests.

    Inside a little room that was in the garden, the emperor looked worried, and gave orders and more orders. He wanted that his guests have a good impression and leave happy.

    Very near the door of that room, lotus flowers grew as well as a “tsha” or “tea” bush. One of the servants, by order of the emperor, left a bucket with boiling water by the door. A soft wind blew and the tea leaves flew into the boiling water, which turned to a toasted color.

    Sheng Mung felt that the refreshing aroma that was floating calmed him away from the fatigue he had. He sat down, and with a small cup took some more tea to drink. Surprise! The tea had a delicious taste, and the emperor was feeling good. He took some leaves and prepared some cups to give to his guests as gifts.

    The evening was full of laughs and comments. The delicious drink spread throughout the entire world, and today, it is prepared in all corners of the world.

    Maria Jesus Ortega


1)  What did the servants have to do?

a)  Clean the kitchen.

b)  Prepare the rooms for the guests.

c)   Clean the salon.

2)  What grew by the little room?

a)  Lotus flowers and a bush.

b)  Only flowers.

c)  Orange flowers .

3)  What did a servant leave by the door?

a)  A bucket of cold water.

b)  A bucket of warm water.

c)   A bucket of boiling water.

4) What color did the water turn?

a)  Light blue.

b) Toasted.

c)  Dark red.

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