The egoistic giant
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Instructions: In the comprehension test circle one of the following letters: a, b, c.


   During Spring time, the children tended to go play in the garden of the Giant as soon as the school day was over.

    One day, the Giant - who was very egoistic - decided to forbid the children to play in his garden. However, when it was Spring again, the entire county was filled with birds and flowers, except the garden of the Giant. The snow and the frost stayed in the garden forever.

    It was always winter there. But one day, the Giant regretted being so egoistic.

    One morning, the Giant heard a goldfinch singing while trying to sleep. The children were able to enter the garden through a little hole and brought Spring with them.

    The trees filled up with leaves, birds happily flew and sang, and flowers peaked through the green grass.

    And the Giant was happy and played with the children.

    Oscar Wilde


1) Where did the children tend to play?

a) In the garden of the dwarf

b) In the garden of the giant

c) In the park of the giant

2) During what season did the children play?

a) Fall

b) Summer

c) Spring

3) The Giant was very…

a) Egoistic

b) Generous

c) Optimist 

4) What did the Giant hear singing?

a) A parrot

b) A canary

c) A goldfinch

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