Two sparrows
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Instructions: In the comprehension test circle one of the following letters: a, b, c.


   One day two sparrows stood on a branch of a bush that grew next to a ripe wheat field.

    The oldest sparrow was the father and he was teaching the small sparrow (who was his son) how to fly.

    He even showed him the places where to find the best grains and seeds to eat.    - You see? - he told him. Those are the ears of the wheat. Each one of them have a bunch of wheat grains and when they are ripe, like they are now, we catch some as we fly pass them.

    - Oh, oh, oh father! Look at that man with is arms open in the middle of the field…Did he see us? Does he want to kill us?…

    - What? That ragged man there? That is a ragged doll that is there to scare us. They call him scarecrow. But he does not scare me. You will see. Follow me.

    And with one flight he decisively landed on the hat of the scarecrow.

    A. Garriga


1) What was the father teaching his son?

a) How to sing

b) How to fly

c) The scarecrow

2) What are the ears of wheat made of?

a) A bunch of barley grains

b) A bunch of corn grains

c) A bunch of wheat grains

3) What does the son think about that man?

a) That he will kill them

b) That he will eat them

c) That he will catch them

4) After all, who was that man?

a) A mummy

b) A scarecrow

c) There is actually nobody

5) Where does the father fly towards?

a) Towards the nest

b) Towards his son

c) Towards the hat of the scarecrow

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