The wisdom of Salomom
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Instructions: In the comprehension test circle one of the following letters: a, b, c.


   One day two women with two babies (one dead and one alive) came to King Solomon. Both women claimed to be the mother of the living son and said that the dead boy belonged to the other. One of them said:

    Your Majesty this woman and I live in the same house. One night while we were all asleep, she rolled over on her baby, and he died. Then while I was still asleep, she got up and took my son out of my bed. She put him in her bed, then she put her dead baby next to me. In the morning when I got up, I realized that he wasn’t my son but she claimed to be the mother of the living son. Now, my lord orders this woman to give me back my son.    The other woman said:

    That’s not true! “He was your son. My baby is alive!”

    They argued in front of Solomon, until finally he said: Someone brings me a sword.”    A sword was brought, and Solomon ordered, “Cut the baby in half! That way each of you can have part of him.”

    “Please don’t kill my son,” the baby’s mother screamed. “Your Majesty, I love him very much, but give him to her. Just don’t kill him.”

    The other woman shouted, “Go ahead and cut him in half. Then neither of us will have the baby.”

    Solomon said, “Don’t kill the baby.” Then he pointed to the first woman, “She is his real mother. Give the baby to her.”

    Everyone in Israel was amazed when they heard how Solomon had made his decision. They realized that God had given him wisdom to judge fairly.

    The Bible


1) What was wrong with one of the babies?

a) He was sick

b) He was dead

c) He was asleep

2) What did the first woman say?

a) The other woman had changed her son for the dead baby

b) She had changed them

c) c) She was awake and watched it all

3) Who are they going to ask for advice?

a) To a commander

b) To the King Solomon

c) To the Cousin of King Solomon

4) What did the King Solomon say?

a) He wants a coin

b) He wants another child

c) He wants a sword

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