The tittle boy of the family
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Instructions: In the comprehension test circle one of the following letters: a, b, c.


   Arturo was the youngest of three brothers and the whole family spoiled him a lot. He almost never was scolded, he was the "little boy" and he always received many gifts: toys, books of tales, pencils, candies...

    However, everything changed when his sister Adela was born. Many relatives and friends went to meet the baby girl.

    Everybody was waiting for her and it seemed that Arturo had been forgotten.

    Above all, Arturo was annoyed because any person gave him gifts as before. Everything was for the little baby girl. In fact, Arturo did not like what his sister received: cologne, talc, clothes, rattles ... but why did he not received anything?

    One afternoon, he entered in Adela’s room and he leaned over the crib. He told his sister that he was the little boy and she had taken his privileges. Then the little baby got hold of his finger with her tiny hand and Arturo understood everything: she was very small and everyone had to take care of her!

    Since that day, he also took care of Adela.

    She was the little baby of the house!

    Paloma García  


1) Arturo was very...

a) Capricious

b) Spoiled

c) Playful

2) What happened to Arturo has changed?

a) He became selfish

b) He got older

c) His sister Adela was born

3) What was bothering Arthur?

a) He did not receive gifts as before

b) No one played with him

c) No one cared about him

4) What did the little Adela do to Arturo?  

a) She pronounced his name

b) She got hold of his finger

c) c) She stretched his ear

5) Arthur realized that...

a) He had to take care of her

b) She was very clever

c) She was very nice

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