The animals
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Instructions: In the comprehension test circle one of the following letters: a, b, c.

        THE ANIMALS  

   A mouse was resting at the foot of a tree.

    Suddenly a fruit fell off on his head.

    The mouse ran and found his friend the rabbit and said:

    - I was there, and a branch fell off over me, It almost killed me.

    The rabbit ran so scared, found the squirrel and said:

    -Over there, a moment ago, a tree has fallen off over the mouse!

    The squirrel ran, found the pig and said:

    -Don´t go around there, sparks are falling!

    The pig found the goat and said:

    -Run, run, an earthquake is happening around there!

    So, all the scared animals ran one after another as if they were crazy. They believed that the world was sinking.

     H. Almendros


1) Where was resting the mouse?

a) In the bed

b) In the burrow

c) At the foot of a tree

2) Who was the best friend of the mouse?

a) The rabbit

b) The squirrel

c) The pig

3) What did the animals think? 

a) That it was a joke

b) That the world was sinking

c) That nothing happened

4) Did the situation is as serious as the animals left in a hurry? 

a) Yes, it was an earthquake

b) Yes. There were sparks

c) No. a fruit had fallen off over the mouse

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