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Instructions: In the comprehension test circle one of the following letters: a, b, c.


   This is my backpack. Do you like it?

    I love it.

    Mom bought me it last year.

    As you can see, it is greenish gray.

    The straps for attaching it to the back are brown.

    The buckles are so shining that they seem to be silver.

    In the big bag, mom puts food, cutlery and napkins.

    On the outside part, there are two smaller bags: one is for the unbreakable glass and the other for the notebook and crayons.

    That is if I have to draw something, do you know?

    In the countryside, there are so many beautiful things...

    But not as pretty as my backpack.

    I could not go hiking without it.

     A. Garriga  


1) Who bought the backpack?

a) Dad

b) Mom

c) The cousin Teo

2) What color is the backpack?

a) Bluish red

b) White

c) Greenish gray

3) What seem the buckles?

a) Silver

b) Gold

c) Platinum

4) What activity could not be done without the backpack?

a) to play

b) to go hiking

c) to run

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