The circus
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Instructions: In the comprehension test circle one of the following letters: a, b, c.


   The guy left his seat and slipped between the men to the entrance of the circus.

    He walked by the dark hallway.

    The applauses, the voices of the people and the crack of the lion tamer whip could be heard.

    He loved all it, but he wanted to see the clown.

    He want to see him close, not from his seat and , if possible, he want to talk to him.    Then he would return to watch the show.

    He arrived at a door that was ajar and it had a hanging sign that read: "Mr. Clown".

   The guy sighed.

  Angela Ionescu


1) Where did the guy enter? 

a) To the zoo

b) To the park

c) To the circus

2) What animal was hit with the whip of the tamer?

a) The tiger

b) The lion  

c) The panther

3) Who did the guy want to see?

a) The clown

b) The tamer  

c) The dolphin

4) How was the door? 

a) Closed

b) Open

c) Ajar

5) What did the poster read?

a) " Hello, I'm a clown"

b) " Mr. Clown"

c) " The Clown House"

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