A surprise for mom
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Name: ______________________________________   Subject: _______________________  Date: _______

Instructions: In the comprehension test circle one of the following letters: a, b, c.


   This morning my brother and I have had fun. Mom had gone to the market and she was late.

    Then Vicente and I started to clean the house.

    Vicente brought a bucket of water for washing, and I took the pillows to the bed after shaking them well.

    What a surprise our mom received when she returned!


1) The two brothers have: 

a) been tired

b) had fun

c) been bored

2) Where had their mother gone?

a) To a party

b) To a walk

c) To the market

3) What is the name of the brother?   

a) Vicente

b) Enrique

c) Manuel

4) What did Vicente bring? 

a) Some toys

b) A pillow

c) A bucket of water

5) What did the sister take?  

a) A pillow

b) A bucket of water

c) Some toys

6) How will their mother be?   

a) She will be afraid

b) She will be surprised

c) She will be displeased

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