Paper Boats
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Instructions: In the comprehension test circle one of the following letters: a, b, c.

        Paper Boats

   Every day I throw my paper boats, one by one, floating down. They have my name and the name of my town painted on them in big black letters.

    If someone finds them in an unknown beach, they will know who I am…

    My boats carry flowers from my house’s garden; and I am sure that these flower buds that I picked at dawn will reach the ground safely by night.

    R. Tagore

Objective Comprehension Test

1) What do I do every day?

a) Little wooden houses

b) Little paper boats

c) Paper trees

2) What is painted on them?

a) My name and the name of my town

b) My treasures and games

c) They do not have anything painted on them

3) My little boats carry:

a) Branches and flowers

b) Flowers and trees

c) Flowers from my house’s garden

4) When are the flower buds picked?

a) At dawn

b) At sunset

c) At midnight

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