Environmental Conditions


       The influence of environmental conditions on the performance of workers has been studied tremendously. These environmental conditions also have a decisive influence on school performance since they can influence or alter the levels of relaxation and concentration of a student.

    We can distinguish material elements (place of study and furniture) and environmental elements (level of silence, temperature and lighting).

    Perhaps the best place to study could be one’s room decorated to one’s personal liking and is a space full of intimacy. If there is good lighting and ventilation, a very positive study environment can be created. It is not recommended to study in the living room with the rest of the family, where the phone rings and the television is often on. Some students who do not have their own room and do not have the right conditions, prefer studying in a library near their home, where the atmosphere of silence and work stimulates one’s personal study time.

    As for the furniture, the table must be large enough to accommodate all the study materials that have to be used on a daily basis. This will avoid getting up to grab the dictionary, a ruler, a pen, etc.., and will favor the levels of concentration and study.

    The chair must be comfortable and high enough so that the legs can form a right angle. No studying on the sofa or on the armchair because they cause drowsiness and possible spinal injuries. The distance between the eyes and the book should be about 30 cm. Authors advice to use a stand or other books so that the text is perpendicular to the eye sight. Books and materials must be organized on shelves so as to prevent them from being scattered all over the house.

    From the material elements, silence occupies a prominent place because it favors concentration. It is not advisable to study with the TV on or with vocal music because it encourages us to follow the song along. Classical music at low volumes is advisable in some cases.

    The temperature should range from 18 to 22 degrees Celsius and should be evenly distributed in the room.

    It is very important to have a local lamp on the study table, which is strong in power, as well as a dimmer general light. For those who are right handed, the light should hit them from their left side, and for those who are left-handed from their right side, so as to avoid the creation of shadows.

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Instructions: Select one of the buttons with the letters a, b and c. The correct answer will turn red.



1)  Environmental conditions influence:

a)  Memory and motivation.

b)  Relaxation and concentration.

c)  Intelligence and attention.

2) The best place to study is usually:

a)  The living room.

b)  The kitchen.

c)  The bedroom.

3) One should be sitting on:

a)  The arm chair.

b)  The chair.

c)  The couch.

4) It is advised to study with:

a)  The television on.

b)  Vocal music.

c)  Classical music.

5) The lighting that is recommended is that of:

a) A local lamp.

b) The general lighting.

c) Both of the above.



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