The Poem of Cid
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   Cid the Warrior lived in Valencia with his parents;
    With him were his sons in law, the Infantes of Carrion.
    One day when the Cid was sleeping in his bench, fearless,
    a bad incident occurred, you know, it just happened:
    A lion escaped out of his cage.
    Those who were in the Court felt a great fear;
    they gathered their shields those of the good Warrior,
    and gathered around the bench to protect their Lord.
    There, Fernando Gonzalez, Infante of Carrion
    He found no shelter neither in the rooms nor in the tower;
    he went under the bench, so great was his fear.

    Diego Gonzalez, the other one, went out by the door shouting and saying:
    - Oh, I will not see Carrion!
    Behind a winery beam he hid with great fear;
    His coat and armor from there came out dirty.
    And it was then when the one that was born in the good hour woke up;
    His bench was surrounded by his best warriors:
    - What's wrong here, my infantry? What do you want? What happened?
    -It is just that, my honorable Lord, the lion gave us all a big scare.

    Leaning on his elbow, the Cid got up:
    He put his shield on and towards the lion he went.
    The beast, when he saw the Cid, felt much ashamed;
    there it lowered its head, and its face before Him was humbled.
    Our Cid Rodrigo Diaz grabbed the lion by the neck,
    and back into the cage it went.
    Everyone was amazed.
    They returned to the room where they held a meeting.

    Rodrigo asked about his two sons in law; he did not find them;
    although they called them out loud, neither one responded,
    and when they found them, they were colorless.
    That was a moment full of mockery;
    but our Cid the Warrior demanded it to stop.
    The Infantes of Carrion felt ashamed;
    The best dishonors, they were burdened with what happened.

    Anonymous. Poem of the Cid (version of Francisco Lopez Estrada.)

Instructions: In the comprehension test circle one of the following letters: a, b, c.



1.- What were the names of the Cid’s daughters?  

a) Doña Elvira and doña Sol.

b) Doña Elvira and doña Juana.  

c) Doña Juana and doña Sol. 

2.- Their husbands were:

a) The Infantes of Castilla.

b) The Infantes of Valencia.  

c) The Infantes of Carrión.

3.- Which incident occurred one day? 

a) The moros attacked.

b) A lion escaped from its cage.

c) There was a storm.  

4.- How did the Infantes of Carrión behaved?

a) They were courageous.

b) They were indifferent.

c) They were cowards.

5.- What did Fernando González do?   

a) He went under the bench.

b) He went behind the girder of the winery. 

c) He went off running.

6.- Where did Diego González hide?  

a) Under the bed.

b) Behind the girder of the winery.

c) Behind the curtains.

7.- Who is the one who was born in a good hour?

a) The Cid Campeador.

b) The Infante of Carrión.  

c) Fernando González. 

8.- What did the lion do as soon as it saw the Cid?  

a) It raised its head to see him.

b) It lowered its head and was embarrassed.  

c) It roared. 

9.- What did the Cid do with the lion?  

a) He let it free on the field.

b) He took it to the circus.

c) He took it to the cage.

10.- The Infantes of Carrión felt:  

a) Proud.

b) Embarrassed.   

c) Happy.

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