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   People often have purposes, they commit to something or someone. I, your computer, cannot do anything of this. I work routinely, absurdly, stubbornly and obstinately with no ability to rectify. I cannot make decisions. You are human beings and not me.

    It is wonderful your ability to have purposes in order to improve, to make commitments, to make decisions, but all this would be in vain, if we had not persistence. It would be fleeting flashes of the sublime gift of love and understanding.

     The most basic persistence is to keep firm in our decisions. Only in the case that it is a good decision, because, if it is bad, it is reasonable to discard it.

    Do you want to know more details?

    A persistence person is who puts into practice all that is necessary to carry out what has been decided.   

      In terms of persistence, we must distinguish:

    - The decision taken

    - The means to carry it out

         It is easy to make decisions but it is difficult to fulfill them. We got tired. Unforeseen difficulties arise. The first illusion fades. Long-term goals discourage us. All these are the enemies of the persistence: some of them are inside us and others come from outside.   

      If we want to experience this virtue, we must take into account these difficulties. We should not be surprised by them. If we know them, we can fight them better. But I warn that you will need the fortitude, the willpower.


    * It is highly desirable to make known your purposes to the right person in order to get good recommendation and advice.

    * You must be sure about your decisions, so you can see easily the means that you will use.

    * You have to be sure that the means to use are advisable and appropriate to achieve what you want.

    * In order to avoid the disappointment (in case of long-term objectives); you should draw up medium-term goals, nearest and immediate goals.

    * In view of possible problems with the persistence, you must remember that you are betraying yourself, and you should think about your dignity.

    * You should often remember your purposes.  

       I am sure you do not want to be a vane that rotates under the influence of the wind; constantly inconstant vane.

Don Samuel Valero

Instructions: In the comprehension test circle one of the following letters: a, b, c.



1.- The purposes of improvement can be in vain without: sin la:

a) Loyalty

b) Persistence

c) Friendship

2.- Basic persistence is:

a) To stay in the decision taken

b) To make purposes to improve

c) The ability to rectify

3.- The easiest is:

a) To fulfill decisions

b) To accomplish commitments

c) To make decisions

4.- In order to experience the persistence we must foresee:

a) The future success

b) The internal and external difficulties

c) The economic costs

5.- In order to improve the persistence it is desirable:

a) Draw up medium-terms goals

b) Explain the decisions to all friends

c) Do not think very much in the means

6.- In the persistence we must distinguish the decision taken and:

a) The means to carry it out

b) Acquired commitments

c) Previous decisions

7.- The persistence person:

a) Commits to something

b) Rectifies

c) Puts into practice what it is necessary to get the decision

8.- Persistence is a difficult virtue because:

a) We do not know to commit to something or someone

b) It is difficult to decide

c) We get tired

9.- In order To be persistence, we need:

a) Fortitude

b) Loyalty

c) Friendship

10.- The lack of persistence is compared to:

a) A howling wind

b) The tower of a church

c) Vane rotated by the wind


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