Educational applications, the Magazine of education  are committed to respect and protect the privacy of their users and to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The present privacy policy (hereinafter “Privacy”) helps us to understand what kind of data are registered in order to the objectives that are suppossed to achieve. We call “personal detail” to all information related to the phisical person who has accepted the purposes of the website and the Magazine,  and the intellectual property rights referred to in paragraph about Legal Information.

    Our services may contain links to others websites, but we are not responsible for their privacy practices or contents.

   Every person or user has expressed expressely and in writing their wish to enrol in the website or suscribe to the Magazine of education.


    The website Educational applications compiles a series of data when the user enrols in or subscribe to it.

    Data compiled are the following ones: first name, last name, age, country where the user is resident, email and date of application. A user name and a personal password are allocated to people enrolled by the website.

    The enrolling consists of the assignment of a personal score form, in which successes, mistakes and scores from interactive exercises performed through the website are recorded. The user can access to their personal form writing their user name and personal password at the end of the interactive exercise. These last data are exclusive to every user enrolled.

    The aim of the suscription for the Magazine of education is to receive at the start of every month the latest news of every section: articles, school exercises, values, videos, utilities and humour. For receiving the Magazine it is only necessary the first name, the last name and an email.

    When the person interested enrols or subscribes, gives their consent for the processing of their data.

    The access to the website Educational aplications is free and any user can do all interactive and non interactive exercises, and visit the other sections of the webpage freely, without the need of being enrolled. In this case, the hits, mistakes and scores from the interactive exercises shall be deleted on leaving the webpage or turning off the computer.

    But if the user wish to keep and collect their hits, mistakes and scores from the interactive exercises, then they have to enrol, by which a personal profile shall be asigned and will be able to access when they wish, with their user name and personal password. The registration is free.


    The user may ask that their data from the personal profile be deleted and their registration cancelled, writing an email to the site administrator, Arturo Ramo García, to the email address    To unsuscribe for the Magazine of educations an email to the previously cited email address has to be sent with the word "UNSUBSCRIBE" in the subject line.

    COMMUNICATION OF PERSONAL DATA    Personal data may be turned over to Administration, Authorities and Government Agencies, when so required by the relevant rule.

    Personal data (first name, last name, age, country of residence, email, application date, user name and personal password) shall not turn over to any company or social entity with commercial targets or profit-oriented.

    If the user had forgotten or lost any of their data (such as the user name or the personal password, if they was enrolled), may ask them to the site administrator or ask for a new registration.


    The person responsible for personal data protection and their processing in the website Educational applications and the Magazine of education is:

     Arturo Ramo García

     Plaza Playa de Aro, número 3, 1º DO. 44002 - TERUEL (Spain)


    The Data Protection Department of the website and the Magazine  is:

     Arturo Ramo García

    Plaza Playa de Aro, número 3, 1º DO. 44002 - TERUEL (Spain)



    Educational applicacion and the Magazine of education  may update or change this Privacy Policy sending an advance notice to the users about such changes and, if and when necessary, their consent shall be required.