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    What are cookies?

    Cookies are small text files located in the computer and downloaded by the browser. They are downloaded on the computer, mobile phone, tablet, or other Internet-enabled devices, or when a website is visited.

    They serve to recognize the device when you repeat visits a website, improving its use in remembering preferences and the setting of the browser.

    However, cookies do not store any personal data or any other information that can identify the user. On the other hand, cookies help web functioning in terms of speed and adaptation to the characteristics or users.    For more information, we recommend a visit to: and


    From the browser you can accept cookies, delete those already installed, blocked them or programme them in order that they be automatically deleted, when the browser or the computer is closed. In case you block them, it is possible that some services needing for their use, stop working correctly. So, it is advisable to accept the use of cookies when any web show us that option.

    The Options and Preferences of the main browsers can be configured following these steps:

    Firefox: Tools - > Options - > Privacy - > Cookies and site data - > Managing data.

    Chrome: Configuration - > Show advanced options - > Privacy - > Content Configuration

    Internet Explorer (Microsoft Edge): Tools - > Internet Options - > Privacy - > Configuration.

    Safari: Preferences - > Security.