The freedom of man

      In our contemporary society everybody defends freedom and actually this is one of the most important values for human beings. But freedom brings along with responsibility. Men are free, but regarding to family, society and justice they have to be held accountable for their good and evel actions, and be personally responsible. Each one will receive the gift or the punishment according to their works.

    In the episode of the rich young man the question that stands out firstly is: what good things must I do to inherit eternal life? It is an essential question because at the end, even if life is a long one, we will come across a gift or a punishment. The Lord tells him to uphold the Commandments and set out the calling to follow him, leaving his posesions. And at that moment, the young man, making use of his freedom, decided not to follow the calling. It seems to be that he went away sorrowful, because he had great possesions.

    God respects the nature of men, that is by definition, a free being. But this freedom can’t be used to do evil.    Philosophy tells us that freedom doesn’t consist of physical power, but of moral duty. The true freedom is reached only as long as man behaves in a good way.

    Classics affirmed that doing good wasn’t freedom, nor a part of it, but in that case for a man it is a sign of being free.    The true freedom consists of the man’s ability of being “able to do evil” and at the same time deciding to “opt for good”.

    For that reason, the bad behaviour doesn’t liberate yourself, but it enslaves yourself. Tu sum up, the practice of good leads to true freedom.

    Arturo Ramo    


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